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Antenna & Wave Propagation

Antenna & Wave Propagation

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About the Book

Antenna And Wave Propagation” by K.D. Prasad is the first exhaustively written book which covers electromagnetic, all theoretical and practical antennas and wave propagation in a most simplified and interesting manner condensed in a single volume. The approach is systematic and easily conceivable. The complicated and involved mathematics of antennas have been presented in most logical and lucid form. Besides other topics the presentation of Electromagnetic Power Radiations from Small Current Elements (With alternative approaches), Short Dipoles, Antenna Terminology, Antenna Arrays, Practical Antenna Part-I (VLF, LF, MF, HF Antennas and Radio Direction Findings), Practical Antennas Part-II (VHF, UHF, SHF Antennas and Antenna Measurements), which include Dipole, Yagi-Uda, Bioconical, Helical, Horn, Complementary, Slot, Notch, Microstrip or Patch, Turnstile, Superturnstile, Discone, Frequency Independent i.e. Log-periodic Antennas, Microwave Antennas like Parabolic Reflectors, Dish Lense etc. Transmission Lines, Feeder, Waveguides and Matching Networks are worth reading. Specialized treatment on special topic like Dolph-Tchebyscheff or Chebysev Arrays with plenty of Solved Examples on them etc, are special attractions.
The book contains the Fifteen Chapters — (1) Introduction, (2) Antennas and the Introductory Mathematics, (3) Static Electric Field and Steady Electric Current, (4) Static Magnetic Field of Steady Electric Current, (5) Electromagnetic Fields and its Radiations, (6) Antenna Terminology, (7) Antenna Arrays, (8) Antenna Synthesis, (9) Practical Antennas-I (VLF, LF, MF, HF Antennas and Radio Direction Finders), (10) Practical Antennas-II (VHF, UHF, SHF Antennas), (11) Antenna Measurements, (12) Transmission Lines (Feeders) and Matching Networks, (13) Waveguides, (14) Antennas for Specific Applications, (15) Radio Wave Propagation.
The treatment and approach is to facinate the that aspirants of B.E. or equivalent degree, AMIETE (India), AMIE (India), Undergraduate and Postgraduate classed and competitive examinations conducted by UPSC would love to go through the book. The book has been written in simple and easy language to help understand the subject without any difficulty. Previous years university questions asked in the examination have been serially given to help the students for preparing the subject for examinations. At the end exercise has been added for practice. Vectors wherever appear in the book has been shown by bold letter with arrow. It is hoped that the book in the present form will be of immense help.



Table of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Antennas And The Introductory Mathematics
  3. Static Electric Field And Steady Electric Current
  4. Static Magnetic Field Of Steady Electric Current
  5. Electromagnetic Fields And Its Radiations
  6. Antenna Terminology
  7. Antenna Arrays
  8. Antenna Synthesis
  9. Practical Antennas-I (VIF, Lf, MF, HF Antennas Andradio Direction Finders)
  10. Pactical Antennas-II (VHF, UHF, SHF Antennas)
  11. Antenna Measurements
  12. Transmission Lines (Feeders) And Matching Networks
  13. Waveguides
  14. Antennas For Specific Applications
  15. Radio Wave Propagation 
  • Objective Type Questions
  • Appendix
  • Index


Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU E136
Author K.D. Prasad
Edition 2019
ISBN NO. 978-93-5192-218-6
Binding Paper Back
Number of Pages 1306
Size 8.5 × 11 inch

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