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GATE Computer Science and Information Technology (Previous Solved Papers)

GATE Computer Science and Information Technology (Previous Solved Papers)

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About The Book

 This book is primarily written as a guide to students who are appearing for GATE. The aim of the book, besides updating knowledge, is to create a sense of confidence amongst the graduates of Computer Science and Information Technology. GATE in Engineering is administered and conducted at eight zones across the country by the GATE Committee. The committee comprises of faculty from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and seven Indian Institutes of Technology on behalf of the National Coordinating Board - GATE, Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), and Government of India. As per the instruction from National Coordinating Board - GATE, Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India, the Gate examination paper will have two question types - objective and numerical. The unique style, quality and contents of the solutions provided in this book for the previous year papers of GATE (Computer Science and Information Technology) will instill confidence among the aspirant of all caliber, to learn and excel in the subjects.




Unit-I : ENGINEERING Mathematics
1. Mathematical Logic
2. Set Theory and Algebra
3. Graph Theory
4. Combinatorics
5. Linear Algebra
6. Calculus
7. Probability
Unit-II : Digital Logic
1. Logic Functions, Minimization and Karnaugh Map
2. Combinational Circuits
3. Sequential Circuits
4. Number Representations and Computer Arithmetic
Unit-III : Computer Organization & Architecture
1. CPU Control Design
2. Pipelining and Addressing Modes
3. Cache and Main Memory
4. I/O Interface
Unit-IV : Programming and Data Structures
1. Programming in C
2. Arrays
3. Stacks and Queues
4. Linked List
5. Tree
6. Graphs
7. Hashing
Unit-V : Algorithms
1. Algorithm Analysis : Time & Space Complexity and Asymptotic Notations
2. Divide and Conquer
3. Greedy Method
4. Dynamic Programming
5. P & NP Concepts, Combined Questions on Algorithm Design Paradigms
Unit-VI : Theory of Computation
1. Regular Expression and Finite Automata
2. Context Free Grammars and Push-down Automata
3. Turing Machine and Undecidability
Unit-VII : Compiler Design
1. Lexical Analysis
2. Parsing Techniques
3. Syntax Directed Translation Schema
4. Intermediate and Target Code Generation and Optimization
Unit-VIII : Operating System
1. Process and CPU Scheduling
2. Process Synchronization
3. Deadlock
4. Memory Management and Virtual Memory
5. File System
Unit-IX : Databases
1. ER-Model
2. Relational Model : Relational Algebra and Tuple Calculus
3. Structured Query Language (SQL)
4. Database Design : Functional Dependencies and Normalization
5. File Organization and Indexing
6. Transactions and Concurrency Control
Unit-X : Computer Networks
1. Basic Concepts
2. LAN
3. Network and Transport Layer
4. Routing, Application Layer and Network Security
Unit-XI : General Aptitude
1. Verbal Ability
2. Numerical Ability

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Additional Information

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Edition 2018-19
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