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Introduction to Real Analysis

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Introduction to Real Analysis

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About The Book
Book “Introduction to Real Analysis” provides fairly rigorous introduction to Mathematical Analysis of real-valued functions of one and more variables. The major goal of this text is to help the reader to make the transition from primarily computational to primarily theoretical mathematics without much effort. To achieve this objective, a clear statement of pertinent definitions, principles and theorem together with large number of typical solved problems are included. The solved problems, mostly taken from Indian Universities and Public Service Commission examinations papers, serve to illustrate and amplify the theory. Besides their examination values, these solved problems bring into sharp focus such fine points without which the students continually feel himself/herself on unsafe ground, and provide the repetition of basic principles which are vital to effective learning.



Table of Contents
1.The Real Numbers
2.Structure of Point Sets
3.Real Sequences
4.Convergence of Infinite Series
5.Double Series & Multiplication of Series
6.Limits and Continuity
7.Differentiation & M.V. Theorems
8.Maxima-Minima, Indeterminates Forms. Elementary functions through power Series
10.The Riemann-Stieltjes' Integral
11.Improper Integrals
12.Uniform Convergence
13.Power Series
14.Fourier Series
15.Beta-Gamma Functions. & D.U.I.S.
16. Differentiable Functions of Sev. Variables
17.Extreme Values & Lagranges' Method
18.Integration on R2
19.Integration on R3
Appendix : Contor's Theory of Real Numbers

Additional Information

Additional Information

Author Dr. Bansi Lal & Dr. S. Arora
Edition 2012
Binding Paper Back
Number of Pages 664
Size 7 × 9.5 inch

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