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Tool Design [Production Engineering. Design ]

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Tool Design [Production Engineering. Design ]

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About The Book
This text on “Production Engineering Design” originated as an attempt to present in concise and compact form the fundamentals of tool design. Based on teaching and research experience, augmented by much additional information, the subject matter and its treatment was adopted to suit the requirements of syllabii of tool design of all under graduate, post-graduate, students of various universities and State Board Technical Education.



Table of Contents

Section A : Basics Of Design
2.Blank Selection, Comparative Economic Analysis And Machining Allowances In Tool Production
3. Tool Room Drafting
4. process Engineering
5. Choice Of Tool Materials

Section B : Press Tool Design
6. Fundamental Concepts Of Press Working
7. Types Of Dies And Die Wear
8. Forging Die Design
9. Blanking And Piercing
10. Bending And Forming
11. Drawing Dies
12. Dies For Metal Powder Preforms
13. Roll Pass Design

Section C : Cutting Tool Design
14. Fundamental Concepts
15. Types Of Cutting Tools And Tool Wear
16. Single Point Cutting Tool
17. Drills
18. Tools For Gear Manufacture
19. Design Of Milling Cutters
20. Design Of Reamers
21. Screwing Taps And Forming Taps
22. Form-tools
23. Broaching Tools
24. Grinding Wheels And Saw Blades

Section D : Jigs And Fixtures Design
25. Fundamental Concepts
26. Basic Principles Of Design And Construction
27. Types Of Jigs And Fixtures
28. Location In Jigs And Fixtures
29. Clamping In Jigs And Fixtures
30. Lathe And Boring Fixtures
31. Drilling Jigs
32. Milling Fixtures
33. Indexing Jigs And Fixtures
34. Grinding And Welding Fixtures
35. Broaching Fixtures
36. Pneumatics And Hydraulics For Jigs And Fixture

Section E : Related Topics And Miscellaneous Toolings
37. Manufacturing Aspects Of Tools
38. Economics Of Toolings
39. Gauge Design
40. Plastic As A Tooling Material
41. Tooling Concepts And Strategies For Flexibly Automated Processes
42. Cad For Toolings

Section F : Appendices
A. Appendi : Useful Informations
B. Appendix : List Of Bis Standards
C. Appendix : Computer Programs For Tool Design
D. Appendix : Drills For Drilling Deep Hole
E. Appendix : High Productivity Drills
F. Appendix : High Production Lathe Tools
G. Appendix : Formulae For Calculation Of Cutting Forces/Torque /Pulling Force In Machining
H. Appendix :

  • Sheet Metal Die Design
  • Sheet Metal Die Design
  • Press Tools & Press
  • Forging

I. Appendix : Interchangeability

  • Assembly Methods, 
  • Classification Of Gauges
  • Interchangeability
  • Assembly Methods
  • Classification of Gauges

J. Appendix : Objective Type Questions
K. Appendix : Bibliography

Additional Information

Additional Information

Author Dr. Surender Kumar, Dr. Umesh Chandra and Dr. S.C. Srivastava
Edition 2017
ISBN NO. 978-93-5192-114-1
Binding Paper Back
Number of Pages 448
Size 8.5 × 11 inch

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